Welcome to Labour Safety

Every industry has a diverse range of jobs and work activities. This diversity requires flexible and relevant solutions to workplace health and safety training.

This site delivers valuable pre-employment safety training over a range of safety topics that are not site specific

This website includes a training course for:

  • Rural / Farming Safety
  • Hospitality Safety
  • Technicians Safety
  • Admin / Office Safety
  • Fire Safety

At the successful completion of the course and assessment, a Certificate of Competency is issued immediately and sent to your email address. This individual certificate will be numbered and contain your name, date and the list of topics that you have studied. Hand the certificate to your employer or save it to your smart phone or tablet and show it upon request. Your employer will use that certificate of proof of your training and also use it as part of your safety induction. The training is ideal for all casual, part-time and full time employees.

You may retrieve a copy of your certificate for up to 12 months by simply logging back on using your username and password.

Simply Create Your Account now, follow the email instructions and commence your training to begin.

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    How to use this website
    by Support Team - Thursday, 14 June 2018, 9:43 AM

    Welcome to Labour Safety Online Training.

    This website has been created to allow individuals to learn common safety knowledge associated with your chosen work. 

    This is an ideal site if you are a temporary or full time employee who is requiring safety training prior to or after entering employment....

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